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php4 vs php5 vs php6

Posted on: 13/07/2011

php5 over php4

The main difference is the true Object orientation of php5 over php4:

  • in php5 all objects are passed by reference (big change!)
  • php5 accepts the modes public, private and protected for methods and attributes
  • php5 defines as default constructor the method __construct()
  • php5 accepts abstract classes and interfaces

php6 over php5
No big changes in php6. In fact, its development was stopped since the developers didn´t like the way the development was being done. In any case, it is remarkable:

  • Supports Unicode
  • xmlReader and xmlWritter added to the core

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  • Justin Cooney: Great comic, this made me laugh!
  • Justin Cooney: Interesting, I didn't know about the Google App Engine, I'm glad I found your article on it!


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