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Posted on: 17/07/2011


Sharding consists in horizontally splitting a database: divide the rows of a database in groups to improve the performance of the queries on that database.


Sharding reduces the index size and therefore, improves the search performance. Besides, sharding allows to store separate pieces of a database in different hardware improving the performance.


This technique should be transparent for the developers and it’s the Systems Engineers job to configure the databases in the most efficient way. Anyway, the developers may be very valuable at the design time since they best know which groups of data will be the most accessed and in which way.

tip: sharding should not be done unless we really need it for the sake of scalability due to the performance hit we may have in the DBMS each time we need to identify in which shard we can find the desired data.


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  • Justin Cooney: Great comic, this made me laugh!
  • Justin Cooney: Interesting, I didn't know about the Google App Engine, I'm glad I found your article on it!


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