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__autoload() in PHP

Posted on: 26/07/2011


__autoload()  is a function which is automatically called in case you are trying to use a class/interface which hasn’t been defined yet.


This is very useful for removing the need of making a long list of includes at the beggining of each script so we can use the classes inside those files.


you can create an autoloader.php file with:

function __autoload($class_name) {
    include str_replace('_','/',$class_name) . '.php';

This file can be included in the main php file (i.e. the index.php of an MVC) so it gets included in all the php scripts in the application. Therefore we could do:

$c1 = new controllers_c1;
$m2 = new models_services_profiles;

As you can see, we can create a model of class profiles without including the file models/services/profiles.php since it is autoloaded by the autoloader php when the class was not found in the first place.


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