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NoSQL databases

Posted on: 23/09/2011


NoSQL is a movement promoting a loosely defined class of non-relational data stores that break with a long history of relational databases. These data stores may not require fixed table schemas, usually avoid join operations and typically scale horizontally.


Since usually the NoSQL data stores scale horizontally quite good, they are a serious choice when handling massive amounts of data. These kind of databases may not have the searching, joining and grouping capabilities a SQL data store may offer but on the other hand they provide really quick access to big amounts of data.


some of the most known databases are: BigTable, Cassandra, CouchDB, MongoDB or Membase

This is an example on how to work with MongoDB:

    "username" : "bob",
    "address" : {
        "street" : "123 Main Street",
        "city" : "Springfield",
        "state" : "NY"

db.users.find({"address.state" : "NY"})

In the first part you can see an example of a ‘document’ (row in the SQL World) to be stored in MongoDB. The second exampleis how you can make a query.


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