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Google unveils Dart

Posted on: 10/10/2011


Dart is the new programming language from Google. It is designed to, in a future, replace Javascript. Its design principles includes:

  • structured yet flexible
  • familiar and natural feeling to programmers
  • high performance and fast application startup.

Dart is meant to replace Javascript and solve some of the main issues this language carries as the client-side standard language:

  • Small scripts often evolve into large web applications with no apparent structure. It’s difficult to be productive when a web application gets large
  • it’s difficult for someone other than the author to read and maintain a particular piece of code
  • Developers have not been able to create homogeneous systems that encompass both client and server

Dart can be run natively in a Virtual Machine inside the browser or can be complied into JavaScript code to be embedded in all the available browsers.

Its syntax is really similar to other well-known languages as Java or C#:

interface Shape {
  num perimeter();

class Rectangle implements Shape {
  final num height, width; 
  Rectangle(num this.height, num this.width);  
  num perimeter() => 2*height + 2*width;     

class Square extends Rectangle {
  Square(num size) : super(size, size);

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  • Justin Cooney: Great comic, this made me laugh!
  • Justin Cooney: Interesting, I didn't know about the Google App Engine, I'm glad I found your article on it!


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